Macintosh 1MB 30-Pin SIMM RAM (4x256K)


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Populating an empty board? Have some sticks of bad RAM that need to be replaced? This little variety pack should be the ticket.

Taken from a working system, and should be good to go for a good number of years. They’ve only got 8 chips each, so sadly no parity. I don’t know exactly what the speed of these sticks are, but since they work on my SE which requires at least 150 ns, they’ve got to be better than that.

These were used in a Macintosh SE and should be totally compatible in other early Macs. They might also work with a handful of other early PCs (Amigas, etc) which support 30-pin SIMM SDRAM, but I can’t verify any of that.

I’m selling them as a pack, but if you’re just interested in 1 or 2 sticks, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

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Micron, PNY

Memory Bus

12 bit

Memory Configuration

4 x 256KB

Memory Size

1 MB

Memory Type