L-105 Effects Vol. 1


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Have a classic Roland sampler that takes Quick Disks and need a little extra beef to add to your sound library? This official set of samples should be a good match! These 12-bit 15/30khz samples should be compatible with the Roland S-# line of keyboards and rack units that support the Quick Disk format.

Now, the quick disks and such are official, but the box isn’t quite the right match. With my trusty label on it though, that’s shouldn’t be too much of an issue. All of these are overflow from my personal collection, so I can’t quite confirm that they’re all operational off the top of my head. Let me know if you’d like me to double-check anything, and I’m happy to do so with my Roland S-10.

The disks included in this set are the following:
#031 – Fighting Set 1
#032 – Fighting Set 2
#033 – Machines 1
#034 – Wonderland 1
#035 – Animals 1

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