Spider Web Playtest & Feedback

Thank you for wanting to try out my new game, Spider Web, for the Atari 2600!

One word of caution if you have never played an Atari game before, this console was only designed to play a small handful of very simple games such as Pong and Combat. Because of this, graphical capabilities are very limited. The focus of this console is simple gameplay concepts and skill.

Enjoy the experience and please fill out the feedback form below once you’ve gotten a good feel for my game, Spider Web!

Play the Game

Controls: Arrow keys to move, Ctrl or Spacebar to fire. Use Ctrl or Spacebar to proceed through the title and game over screen.
Switches: Use the Game Reset switch to go all the way back to the logo screen. Use the player difficulty switches (F4/F9) to change the starting level (1/5/10/15 based on binary input). Use the Color/B-W switch to change the TV mode.

If you find yourself lost and confused, feel free to browse the online manual for directions or contact me if there's something that hasn't already been covered in the manual.

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