CastleMania Games

Warning! Promo ahead!

Lately, I’ve been using this company, CastleMania Games, to get my hands on some really cool stuff that’s been difficult to source elsewhere. From the few orders that I’ve made in the past few months, they have been wonderful to work with. Their customer service is fantastic and have a ton of community outreach and updates. Even though they’re located all the way up in Washington state, their orders ship in only 2-3 days, and that’s with free shipping!

I initially found them because I was looking to get my hands on some of the HD Retrovision component cables. Since then, I’ve got a few more items on my wish list to order from them, namely the GCHD, RetroTINK-2X, and some of the EverDrives. They do a lot of their shipments via pre-order because of how small some of these batches are, but they’re generally pretty responsive about it. I highly recommend going into them if you’re looking to get some great modern retro accessories.

Check out their shop!

Note: This isn’t a paid promo. I’m merely writing this because of how happy I’ve been with their service.

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