Going Wireless on Old Gear (Cont.)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I mentioned that I was interested in ordering two M30 controllers to pair with my new 8BitDo Genesis Retro Receivers. Well, I gave in to the temptation and put my order in a week or two ago.

The controllers finally arrived in their typical minimalist 8BitDo packaging that fits the M30 very well. This thing feels great, too! It’s matte finish and lightly textured plastic fits snug in your hand. I do wish there was a bit more weight to the controller but only a few grams. The buttons are as you’d expect an original controller to be and the d-pad swivels nicely.

Compared to my N30 Pro and F30 Pro, the bumpers feel much better and the configuration process is more intuitive. In both controllers, there does seem to be some rattling when you shake it, but I think that is due only to the slight give in the buttons.

I’m no serious gamer, and I find that the convenience and versatility of these bluetooth controllers is perfect for me. That being said, I am aware of the recent experiments at RetroRGB comparing the latency of the Krikzz Joyzz, M30 2.4g, and M30 Bluetooth. It is clear that by going the bluetooth route you add in some latency to your setup.

I’ve only played with this controller for a total of 2-3 hours so far, and I haven’t encountered any noticeable lag. Granted, I haven’t been playing Mega Man or any other titles that require pin-point accuracy in your timings. In my opinion, the convenience of quickly pairing to a another retro receiver and playing NES games with my Genesis controller is well worth the price of 17 milliseconds of lag. On the other hand, if you’re executing blistering fast speed runs, then the Krikzz Joyzz is the way to go… or just an original controller. Whatever suites you best.

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