My First 3D Prints on Thingiverse

I took the plunge recently and bought a 3D printer (namely the FlashForge Inventor II, review coming eventually) in preparation for the release of my new Atari 2600 game, Spider Web. Though my immediate need was to create the cartridge housing that would fit my 2600 EEPROM boards, I knew there’d be many ways to play around with such a powerful tool in the future.

I decided that I needed to learn a bit about the process of making these “Things” which I have been taking great advantage of through Thingiverse (they have practically everything up there) and picked up a copy of the much recommended (and free!) FreeCAD. Within a day or two, I had already put together two very successful designs and prints!

Sailor Venus Gauge Earrings

Needed for a cosplay outfit, this design was a good test of using all of the different components of FreeCAD to create complex shapes.

Arion Guitar Pedal Battery Cover

Every guitar pedal found in an old pawn shop has a story to tell, and this one’s story was that it was missing a battery cover. I tried my best to get all of the dimensions right using digital calipers. I didn’t quite get it perfect the first try, but I made some further adjustments which should improve the final fit if you decide to make one for yourself.

Working with a 3D printer has been so much fun, and I am going to have no other choice but to incorporate it into every project in the future. I thought this whole process was going to be very daunting, but it’s actually been inviting for a beginner like me. I give an 11/10 recommendation to go for it if you’re interested!

Have fun printing!!!

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