Atari 2600 Spider Web Game Playtest Open

Hi everyone! You may have seen me mention the Atari 2600/VCS game I’ve been working on for a few months now, Spider Web. After many nights of adding new features and pouring over scanline clocks, I have finally decided that most aspects of the game are 100% done. As easy as it would for me to go ahead and make a batch of copies and send them out into the wild, I figured that it might be safer for me to hand the game out in digital format to get some quick opinions and feedback.

I went ahead and created a dedicated page for this purpose. There you can try it out using the Javatari emulator and fill out my feedback form to let me know how you felt about the game and what you’d like me to add or fix.

That being said, I’ve pretty much maxed out the 4Kb ROM size I’m sticking with. There isn’t too much room for growth, but I have been able to squeeze out new features by further optimizing the code until it’s just about juiced out. So, all comments will be considered and are appreciated!

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