Sellin’ off them Floppies!

I just posted up a could of packs of Roland Quick Disks on the store. These are for using with any Quick Disk supported (Roland) sampler. I’ve been using them with my S-10 without a hitch (except for the aging disk drive in mine).

My favorite is definitely the synth pack, because I like how each sample using only one bank on the keyboard, making it easy to switch between each sound. On some of these where you have to load in all 4 slots in order for them to work properly, it’s kind of a drag. The quick disks are fast… but the problem lies in taking them out, flipping them, grabbing the next floppy, etc. Plus, my disk drive throws an I/O Error 2 every now and then even though I know the disks are fine, making me have to try loading in that side again.

I’d love to try out the drum samples, but I haven’t had the chance to rip myself from my trusty MC-505. Plus, I think you can only really load 4 samples at a time. Would be great for some crunchy 12-bit simple beats with kick, snare, and closed/open hi-hat. (or even clap, maybe?)

I don’t recommend going out and buying one of these samplers for top dollar and collecting all of these packs. There are definitely better samplers out there with even better sample packs. But if you do happen to have one of these already (or better yet, find one for an absolute steal like I did), I’m more than happy to indulge you!

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