Another Gem from Laser Bear Industries for the OSSC!

A little over a year ago, I purchased a 3d-printed case for my RetroTink-2X from Greg Collins of Laser Bear Industries after hearing much praise from Bob of RetroRGB. My RT2X has been looking mighty fine since then, but the open-air OSSC sitting right next to it had definitely been getting jealous…

Just a month ago, Greg announced a brand new case for the OSSC using a very similar style. Exciting, right! Sadly, he didn’t have a gold case in stock to match the 2X… which gives me an excuse to print my own using my new(ish) 3d printer!

I had some funky color-changing PLA filament in stock that I picked up at a warehouse store which I thought would be a nice change of pace for this print. Plus, the shiny finish matches well with the gold filament of the 2X case.

The print was very simple with only a few supports necessary. What is super cool about it is that the two buttons up front print in place within the case. That means that they’re ready to go once the print is done and they stay in place perfectly! Such a cool idea which I definitely want to try out in some of my own designs.

You can download the necessary files here, but if you don’t have a 3d printer or just want to support Greg’s awesome company, buy the kit from Laser Bear here. There’s plenty of colors available (just not gold :'( ) and shipping should be straightforward in my experience though the pandemic might beg to differ.

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