Online store is now live and running!

I’ve been working on getting my online shop set up on this page for a while, but due to my need to make this site so dang ugly with all the retro jibber-jabber, it took me some time to get it fitting just right. There may still be some issues, so bear with me if something doesn’t work right. Send me a message with some of the details of what’s going on, and I’ll trying to fix it asap.

At the moment, I’ve just got some old stuff in my collection that I’m looking to get rid of (mostly PC components), but I’ll be adding a better variety of doodads soon. Eventually, I’ll be selling some of the projects made by yours truly there too.

Enough chitter-chatter. Go buy some of my stuff!!!

P.S. Thank you Sam for taking some great shots for the shop!

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